The Forsyth County Law Enforcement Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at Pinedale Christian Church.

Welcome to the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation!

Proclaimed in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, May 15 has been dedicated as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week which the date falls in as National Police Week.  Each year law enforcement officers from around the world converge on our Nation's Capital to pay respect to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Our Foundation organizes local events during the Memorial week and throughout the year to ensure our local officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten and to honor our officers who put their lives on the line for us every day.

We hope that you will join us at one or all of our events throughout the year! 

Our primary goal is to build a memorial for all Forsyth County law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.  We also hope to establish a scholarship fund for families of law enforcement officers, provide funds to families of officers killed or injured in the line of duty, and provide funds to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund to support the greater cause on a National level.

"We Remember the Officers"
We remember the officers who changed our lives,
The men and women who protect us day and night,
People who we respect for their dedication to the cause,
For when faced with danger, they never pause.

We remember the officers who always stood true,
Whatever the color of uniform, brown, gray, or blue,
With pride and integrity they say "To serve and protect"
For the giving of their life, we offer our respect.

We remember the officers who we never really knew,
Persons strong enough to answer the challenge are few,
With heavy hearts we mourn the officers in eternal rest,
There's more to these people than the badge on their chest.
- Brad Miller

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Police Officer R. M. Willingham Jr.
EOW 07/30/2011

Sergeant M. Hutchens
   EOW 10/12/2009

Sergeant H.J. Plouff II
   EOW 2/23/2007

Reserve Sergeant J.M. Johnson
   EOW 11/11/2004

Police Officer S.L. Amos II
   EOW 2/28/1995

Police Officer R. Buitrago
   EOW 1/15/1994

Senior Police Officer B.F. Beane
   EOW 4/23/1993

Police Officer M.R. Jennings
   EOW 1/29/1993

Lieutenant A.G. Tise, Jr.
   EOW 6/26 1992

Patrolman D.W. Allred
   EOW 1/3/1983

Reserve Captain J.C. Renigar
   EOW 5/30/1975

Constable E.W. Walters
   EOW 2/23/1966

Patrolman A.C. Kinard
   EOW 9/9/1961

Patrolman J.F. Wimbish
   EOW 11/1/1952

Special Deputy T. Westmoreland
   EOW 4/26/1950

Patrolman G.C. Hailey
   EOW 11/24/1945

Patrolman G.G. Royal
   EOW 8/1/1941

Patrolman J.M. Sampson
   EOW 12/8/1940

Patrolman W.G. Willard
   EOW 11/1/1938

Deputy L. Newsome
   EOW 2/23/1929

Sergeant L.G. Teague
   EOW 12/26/1927

Patrolman T.G. Anderson
   EOW 8/15/1927

Deputy C. Holder
   EOW 4/14/1923

Patrolman M.M. Vickers
   EOW 5/6/1895

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